Rob Manfred — the most powerful man in baseball — is taking a multi-million dollar salary cut as MLB struggles with the massive financial blow dealt by coronavirus.

The MLB honcho — along with other top league execs — are reportedly taking a giant 35% haircut on their checks … ’cause no baseball means no revenue.

Manfred is rumored to make around $11 million a year … so a 35% cut is almost $4 million a year.

The bright side? Even though the baseball season is suspended, the league is committed to paying all other employees their full salary through the end of May.

By then, MLB’s hoping to get back on the field … playing ball.

League executives have been discussing a plan where all 30 teams would play in Arizona — beginning in May — in front of fan-less stadiums.

Opening Day was originally scheduled for March 26 … but the season was indefinitely suspended after the global pandemic shut down sports around the world.


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